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We regret to announce that Kuma International Spring School is postponed until further notice due to the worsening of the coronavirus international crisis. 

As of today, we have not canceled any of our events for the year, but we continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis. 



The exhibition For a Human Geography of War contrasts the common concept of war and post-war geography (in our culture, analyzed through an aerial and detached vision), proposing a new approach: the artists’ perspective blends natural element and human experience, revealing the possibility of a vision of geography which is different from the one, coldly geopolitical, that looks “from above” to the borders, and denies the movement and trauma inscribed in the borders.
In the exhibition, material artworks and sound works recount the human exodus through the continents, provocative new dada and video artworks unveil the still untold “B sides” of such human settlement processes; the artists, between past and future, investigate, denounce, suggest, and bring us in contact with the experience of conflict.

On show, works by: Francisco Goya, Enes Zuljevic, Gail Ritchie, Maria Dabrowski, Teresa Abad-Carles, Giada Pianon, Jason File, Wendimangen Belete Maresha, Joshua Cesa, Lang Ea.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday 19th January at 6.00 pm at the B # S Gallery. For the occasion, a short talk with the artists, and a performance by Marta Lodola, Actions Against Borders # 1 Breaking Point: the performance is the result of a week of site-specific work in the local  area (the performance is a number closed, only accompanied minors are allowed).

B#Side War

Kuma International in partnership with the WARM Foundation and Brodac Gallery presents one-week intensive course on contemporary art from Bosnia and Herzegovina, focusing on visual art, design, photography, film and theatre from a post-conflict society. Participation is open to graduates and postgraduates from the relevant disciplines, as well  as art historians, curators, artists and museum professionals, and all people interested in training and developing new skills while experiencing a new and exciting learning environment in Sarajevo, the vibrant capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo Storage – Collection Pierre Courtin

Started in 2001 in Paris, the Collection Pierre Courtin consists today of a bit more than 350 pieces representing the work of about 200 artists, young and established ones coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkans and elsewhere.

Half of this collection is currently stocked in Paris. Some extracts of the collection have been presented in Grenoble OUI art center  in 2009, in Chicoutimi Bang art center in 2012 and on many occasions set at the Duplex100m2 Gallery.

The exhibition inside the National Gallery of Bosnia & Herzegovina in June 2018, « Sarajevo Storage – Collection Pierre Courtin » present art works and objets kept in the depot in Sarajevo and essentially presents the works obtained within these five last years spent in Sarajevo.

There can be found works testifying an affiliation or particular attachment to Bosnian capital, contemporary local scene, and a strong link with a history of Duplex100m2.

The exhibition is supported by the Agnès b Fondation, the Superstrat N.G.O , the WARM Sarajevo festival, the French Institute in Sarajevo and the National Gallery of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Special thanks to Lucia Gigli, Jean-François Daoulas, Sébastien Roux, Andrej Ðerković and Nina Knežević.

Join us for the opening reception at the National Gallery of BiH, June 14th 2018 at 20:00.

The exhibition will be open until July 6th 2018.


Gordana Anđelić-Galić ; Martin Argyroglo ; Enki Bilal ; Eloïse Bollack ; Stéphane Bonjour ; Julien Boily ; Mathieu Boisadan ; Igor Bošnjak ; Kurt Van Brijs ; Lana Čmajčanin ; Lejla Čmajčanin ; Enrico Dagnino ; Dante Buu ; Baptiste Debombourg ; Andrej Ðerković ; diSTRUKTURA ; Elvis Dolić ; Goran Dragaš ; Dženat Dreković ; Alma Gačanin ; Ziyah Gafić ; Going Blind ; Jusuf Hadžifejzović ; Trio – Bojan Hadžihalilović & Dada Hadžihalilović ; Dženan Hadžihasanović ; Anur Hadžiomerspahić ; Nela Hasanbegović ; Ibro Hasanović ; Ivan Hrkaš ; Mak Hubjer ; Louis Jammes ; Taida Jašarević ; Kasja Jerlagić ; Sanjin Jukić ; Adela Jušić ; Andy Kania ; Šejla Kamerić ; Nina Komel ; Milomir Kovačević ; Aleksandra Nina Knežević ; Smirna Kulenović; Kosta Kulundžić ; MARS, Fred Landois ; Camille Laurelli ; Alexandre Leroy ; Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout ; Aleksandra Lopatić ; LPLT ; Miodrag Manojlović ; Mariane Marić ; Jim Marshall ; Karine Maussière ; Vladimir Miladinović ; Mladen Miljanović ; Radenko Milak ; Nicolas Mingasson ; Hector Morić ; Malcolm McClay ; Bruce Nauman ; Thomas Nolf ; Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak ; Damir Nikšić ; Edo  Numankadić ; Emir Osmić ; Renata Papišta ; Daniel Premec ; Nihad Nino Pušija ; Damir Radović ; Lala Raščić ; Maja Ružnić ; Damir Šagolj ; Selma Selman ; Nebojša Šerić-Shoba ; Irena Sladoje ; Bojan Stojčić ; Alma Suljević ; Selman Trtovac ; Unknown Autor ; Roman Uranjek ; Mathieu Valade ; Edo Vejselović ; Jean-Luc Verna ; Moren Vogel ; Dragan Vojvodić; Nardina Zubanović ; Enes Zuljević


Marina Abramović ; Saâdane Afif ; Alexis Argyroglo ; Ambrosia ; Andreas B ; Szombathy Bálint ; Basserode ; Taysir Batniji ; Viktor Bernik ; Joseph Beuys ; Christiana Biron ; Spartacus Chetwynd ; Daniel Clapp ; Clôde Coulpier ; Enrico Dagnino ; Stéphane Déplan ; Adela Jušić & Danijela Dugandžić ; David Cousinard & Sarah Fauguet ; Robert Filliou ; Gilbert & George ; Gaëlle Le Guillou ; Jusuf Hadžifejzović ; Zlatan Hadžifejzović ; Ibro Hasanović ; Jonathan Horowitz ; Kurt & Plasto ; Laura Kuusk ; Laibach ; Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout ; Camille Laurelli ; Hubert Marcelly ; Jonathan Monk ; Damir Nikšić ; NSK ; Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni ; Daniel Premec ; Damir Radović ; Gérard Rondeau ; Mathias Roth ; SCCA ; Richard Serra ; Andres Serrano ; Dario Smentisco ; Robert Smithson ; Dajan Spirić ; Selman Trtovac ; Unknown Author ; Ulay / Uwe Laysiepen ; Roman Uranjek ; Dahn Vô ; Milorad Vušanin Cujo; Yoko Ono