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Multitude, 2020
Digital composite images

The series Multitude is a continuation of the digital works Hercegovina, loaded and reloaded (2015), and the series Fingerprint (2016). Like in the previous groups of works, the composite images in Multitude visually explore the, sometimes desolate cityscape of Mostar, it’s buildings constructed during the past few centuries, the consequences of war and the post war politics which most people here do not agree with. Additionally, I hoped to emphasize some of the crowded spaces, the waste which is piling up throughout the city every year, the sea of advertisements and cars parked everywhere. By bringing these things closer together visually, I wanted to make them more apparent. Another visually interesting aspect is the fact that the city is expanding in all directions, but without real urban planning. As a result, we have settlements and neighborhoods which look like they have been stacked on top of each other. Usually Mostar is only been talked about as an ethnically and politically divided city, and rightfully so. But there is more to it than meets the eye. I wanted to show a more complex image. In these digital works we do not see divisions, but all of these impressions brought closer together creating a much more layered, and perhaps emotionally charged cityscape.